It is human nature for an individual to want to ensure that their work is paid for at its fair value. What is the value of the different compensation components of a group of individuals? How do these values ​​compare with peers? What is the impact of a change in working conditions on compensation? Based on SAI’s professional experience in analyzing, comparing, and developing collective bargaining agreements, we assist our clients in answering these and many other compensation questions as well as in developing supporting justifications to improve working conditions.

Services we offer:

  • Establishing the value of employee benefits
  • Analyzing collective bargaining agreements and working conditions of comparable groups
  • Total compensation studies 
  • Peer comparison
  • Maintaining databases
  • Analysis and consulting services regarding the Pay Equity Act
  • Assistance in the collective bargaining process

Our Other Expertise

We assist you in analyzing company and government published data or in simplifying all types of financial information.


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