Rapport d’expertise en cas de préjudice

Expert Reports on Pecuniary Loss

Unfortunately, no one is immune to an accident that could result in significant financial loss due to an inability to continue operating as they did before the accident. Depending on the circumstances, it is possible that a person or a company may be responsible for the accident. At SAI, we have the expertise to enable you to properly assess the financial loss for which compensation may be payable. We produce dozens of legal expert reports in this area each year. As a result, our professionals are very familiar with the applicable legislation and are able to produce precise, fair, and comprehensible reports for the parties concerned. Our professionals are also experienced expert witnesses and are thus able to testify in court if required.

Services we offer:

  • Producing legal expert reports
  • Testimony in court
  • Support to concerned parties in the event of a negotiation process

Our Other Expertise

We assist you in analyzing company and government published data or in simplifying all types of financial information.


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