Pension Plans

Pension Plans

Due to their long-term planning nature, pension plans are a complex area requiring in-depth knowledge from a financial, demographic, and legal perspective. At SAI, we understand that what matters most when providing consulting services in such a complex field is communication as well as our professional ability to convey information in familiar language. This allows our clients to fully understand the issues and make informed decisions with complete knowledge of the facts. Whether it is for defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans, or a combination of both, our professionals have enabled our clients to make the best possible decisions and have done so for more than 30 years.

Services we offer:

Pension plan administration

  • Leasing of our administration software 
  • Secure website dedicated to participants
  • Call center
  • Benefit processing
  • Contribution processing
  • Preparing and sending annual statements

Services to pension committees or board of trustees

  • Organizing meetings and record-keeping
  • Document depository website
  • Actuarial valuation reports
  • Risk management consulting
  • Drafting and reviewing plan texts
  • Training

Services to unions, associations and plan administrators

  • Plan design consulting
  • Risk management consulting 
  • Preparing and reviewing plan amendments
  • Preparing and reviewing funding policies
  • General assembly presentations
  • Assistance in the collective bargaining process

Act as a pension committee member or a trustee

Implementation and administration of Individual Pension Plans

Expert testimony before the courts

Our Other Expertise

We assist you in analyzing company and government published data or in simplifying all types of financial information.


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