Group Insurance

Group Insurance

Group insurance is an important compensation component, not only because of the growing importance it has on overall compensation, but also because of the considerable impact that good coverage can have on the covered individual’s physical and mental health. It is therefore essential that the pricing for coverage offered be competitive and that the elements contained in the group insurance plan offer a wide range of protection. This allows participants to maintain their financial security if faced with an unforeseen event while respecting the party’s ability to pay. Promoting the group insurance plan is crucial, as it will allow participants to fully understand the value, the choices, and the protection offered by the plan. These objectives represent the cornerstone of the consulting services offered by our group insurance professionals. We are proud to apply our extensive knowledge and numerous years of experience in this consistently evolving field for our clients.

Services we offer:

  • Consulting on plan design and protections offered
  • Consulting on financial arrangements and risk sharing with insurers
  • Renewal negotiations
  • Plan experience monitoring and industry trend monitoring
  • Preparing and reviewing communications
  • Preparing requests for proposals and reviewing proposals
  • Reviewing documentation (contracts, brochures, booklets)
  • Assistance in the collective bargaining process
  • Cost assessment for plan amendments
  • Pricing validation
  • Fiscal optimization
  • Presentations in general assembly/union meetings
  • Training

Actuarial valuation of future employee benefits

Group insurance coverage at retirement

Post-employment benefits (banked sick leave payment, severance benefits, etc.)

Self-insurance policy

Our Other Expertise

We assist you in analyzing company and government published data or in simplifying all types of financial information.


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